Tribute to Liz Sears

Elizabeth (Liz) Sears
October 29, 1925 – June 29, 2021

Liz Sears became a member of AAUW in 1960. She was a longtime member of Edmonds SnoKing Branch and served on our Scholarship Team, which was formed to award annual scholarships to young women graduating from Edmonds high schools or attending Edmonds College.

She died peacefully at home after a long and inspiring life of teaching, mentoring, and giving. Liz’s passion in her work with AAUW was scholarships for women pursuing careers in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math). Of her AAUW membership, she said that she felt “enriched by her interactions with so many women who share these values.”

Supporting women in science and protecting animals were extremely important to Liz so the family suggests those who wish to make a charitable contribution in her honor consider a donation to:

  • Foundation A3E, which distributes funds raised by AAUW Edmonds SnoKing Branch for scholarships
  • Or, to an animal welfare organization of your choice

Learn more:

Obituary for Liz Sears

Interview with Liz Sears in AAUW newsletter, January, 2016

There will be a celebration of her life in a private location, by invitation only. The family regrets that they are not able to accommodate all those who knew and loved Liz.

Please consider sharing a memory of Liz in the Comments.

Liz Sears with members of the AAUW Scholarship Team and scholarship recipients


5 thoughts on “Tribute to Liz Sears

  1. deborah smith

    Our friend, Liz Sears, was perhaps the single most inspiring woman I have ever known. She gave so much of herself to the world in a myriad of ways, and we who knew her were truly honored. Our Edmonds AAUW circle and the Edmonds community at large have suffered a great loss. My heart goes out to Liz’ family and her closest friends. May her memory be for a blessing.

  2. Cathleen Draper

    Liz was an active AAUW member, attending meetings, taking careful notes on the books we read, as long as she was able. She participated in the diversity book group for many years. In fact the last book we read, A Dream in Polar Fog, was her suggestion. When Liz knew she was in her last days, she made sure her sister, Merrie Emmons, would host the meeting and lead the discussion.

    Liz was an active member of the scholarship committee as well. When mobility became more challenging the last few years, we met at her house. She thoughtfully read every application and used her experience as a teacher and world traveler to inform her input.

    I would love to have had her as a teacher! She made and is still making a big difference in the lives of so many! From her teaching in the US and in other countries, helping choose scholarship recipients, being a voice for justice and many more areas that I’m sure I am not aware of.

    The world is a kinder, more loving, more educated place because you are in it! I feel blessed to have known her and count her as a friend! I always loved hearing her stories about her travels and the people she knew and influenced!

    Liz has a wonderful, loving family and countless friends who treasure her memory. We will try to continue her mission to bring justice and peace to the world, holding her in our hearts!

    Supporting young women in STEM was a passion for her! A donation on her behalf to be used for scholarships for these young women would be dear to her heart and a fitting memorial!

  3. Cathleen Draper

    Part of this was excerpted from a letter I wrote her before she died. I can’t figure out how to edit it but “you are in it” should now read “she was in it.”

  4. Sue Renhard

    Liz was an amazing woman !She lived life to the fullest and was an adventurous traveler. What I remember most and admire about Liz was her joy and enthusiasm for the things that were important to her .
    I knew Liz through the Creative Retirement Institute , where we attended many of the same classes. She also served on CRI committees. I served on the AAUW Scholarship committee with Liz and was impressed with her enthusiasm for all the applicants. She took great pleasure in encouraging young women to enter the STEM fields.Liz was also one of the most caring people I have known.


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