The work of the Edmonds SnoKing Branch is done by teams, each headed by an elected or appointed director: Program, Membership, Communications, Public Policy, Community Outreach, and Development-Fundraising.

We promote teamwork because collaboration creates more ideas, familiarizes new and not-so-new members with branch processes, encourages networking and connections, and develops leadership skills.

Program Team

Prioritizes and develops programs for the all-member meetings and other activities, based on the AAUW mission and community needs.

Scholarship Team

Organizes the recruitment and selection of scholarship recipients and our STEM scholarship recipients recognition event.

Membership Team

Supports and encourages branch membership. Team members serve as mentors for new members, helping them feel comfortable with the group. The team plans activities to engage members and help them get better acquainted with the work of the branch.

Communications Team

Each member of this team has a specific role in branch communication. These roles include:

  • Secretary – takes minutes of monthly meetings and board meetings and distributes minutes to board members for approval.
  • Newsletter – compiles articles, formats and distributes the monthly newsletter to members via email.
  • Website – maintains branch website, assists with branch updates to AAUW state and national websites.
  • Social media – maintains branch Facebook page and other social media.
  • Historian – maintains the historical record of the branch by archiving documentation of branch activities and involvement in the community.
  • Publicity – submits announcements of branch meetings, activities, and events to local news media.
  • Member connection – sends cards or notes to members who are ill, experiencing a loss, or celebrating milestones or special recognition.

Public Policy Team

Underscores AAUW’s mission of advancing gender equity for women and girls through advocacy. The Public Policy Team writes articles for the newsletter, does presentations at meetings, and keeps members updated on current issues. They assist with AAUW-WA Lobby Day in January and partner with the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County.

Community Outreach Team

Fosters branch involvement in the community and partnerships with other organizations with whom we share values and concerns. Current partners include: Edmonds College and the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County.  The team partners with Edmonds College on the annual Expanding Your Horizons Conference  and on selecting students to attend NCCWSL.

Development-Fundraising Team

Responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing fundraising activities and events, to provide monies for programs and projects of the branch.