Scholarships and Recognition

mortarboardOur 2024 Scholarships!

On-going College Student Scholarships.  We will award:

  • One $2000 scholarship to a student continuing her STEM studies at Edmonds College.
  • One $2000 scholarship to a first-generation female student at WSU Everett in any field of study.

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Scholarships for College-bound High School Seniors.  We will award three scholarships of $2000 each, to students identifying as female, graduating in 2024 from a high school in the Edmonds, Everett, or Marysville School Districts.  The $2000 scholarships are for a STEM field of study (science, technology, engineering, or math) at a college or university.

To apply use this online application form.

A memo addressed to high school counselors and teachers, students and their parents, explains the scholarships, criteria for awarding, and the process for applying.


Our 2023 Scholarships winners!

On June 10, we held an awards event to honor the recipients of our 2023 scholarships. Keynote speaker was Kristin Lie, Loads and Dynamics Engineer at Space X.

Our 2023 scholarship recipients:

Kim Phan, Edmonds College
Cierra White, WSU Everett
Makena Limb, Everett High School
Rachel Turral, Marysville Pilchuck High School
India Young, Mountlake Terrace high School

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(from left to right) Makena Limb, India Young, Rachel Turral

WSU Everett student Cierra White and her family

Edmonds College student Kim Phan