Public Policy

We support the AAUW mission to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research.

Members of national AAUW, AAUW-WA, and Edmonds SnoKing Branch believe that democratic participation in governance and equal rights, benefits, and opportunities in all institutions of society—economic, social, educational, health, and political—are fundamental to women’s empowerment and public well-being. For that reason we:

  • Oppose all forms of discrimination
  • Support policies that improve racial, ethnic, and gender diversity
  • Believe in the separation of church and state
  • Support a fair, balanced, and independent judiciary

The AAUW National 2019-2021 priorities include:

  • Support for a strong system of public education that promotes gender fairness, equity, diversity and inclusivity, and that eliminates the barriers and implicit biases that hinder the advancement of women and girls
  • Access to high-quality healthcare
  • The achievement of economic security for all women
  • The guarantee of equality, individual rights, and social justice for a diverse and inclusive society

Read the complete Public Policy Principles and Priorities.

State Congressional Districts

Currently AAUW-Edmonds SnoKing Branch has members who live in three Congressional Districts: First, Second, and Seventh. They are represented by Pramila Jayapal, Rick Larsen, and Suzan DelBene.

State Congressional districts will change for the 2022 elections. You can view the proposed legislative and congressional district maps online at

Washington State Legislative Districts

Our Branch has members in nine out of 49 State Legislative Districts (LDs).  See District Finder to determine who your legislators are. Then you can:

  • Sign up for their E-newsletters
  • Follow them on Facebook and Twitter
  • Put their phone number in your contacts

Advocacy Resources

Keep up-to-date during the 2021-22 Session by: