Public Policy

For the 2018-2019 program year, our Branch will utilize and strengthen our collective voices to develop local public policy priorities to support national and state AAUW priorities.

Edmonds SnoKing Branch members meet with Senator Marko Liias from the 21st District.

AAUW announces its opposition to the confirmation of Judge Brett Judge Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Let us be clear: this is an issue of policy, not party. AAUW advocates for the health, education, and economic security of all women and girls. Judge Kavanaugh has demonstrated hostility to women’s right. If confirmed, Judge Kavanaugh will have a say in women’s constitutional and civil rights for decades to come. We cannot support a nominee who will not uphold and protect our fundamental rights.”

Our Branch members reside in 9 state legislative districts and 3 federal legislative districts. Members live within 2 counties and in 13 cities.

Our “Branch voice” has the power to influence 27 state lawmakers (9 senators and 18 representatives). In the 2018 session, we had at least one Branch representatives on every House committee, and on 11 committees they were the Chair or Vice Chair. In the state Senate, 12 out of 15 committees had one of our “Branch” Senators as a member and they were the Chair or Vice Chair on 10 committees. By joining our collective Branch voices in support of AAUW priorities at a state level, we can make ourselves heard!

AAUW is a nonpartisan organization that promotes equity for women and girls.